The 6th Pharmacy Research Symposium

MARCH 6-7, 2019


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About the symposium

The 6th Pharmacy Research Symposium will be organized and held by the college of pharmacy, Qassim University. The Symposium aims to appreciate and showcase the wide range of researches conducted by student researchers in pharmacy. You are highly invited to…

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About the college

Due to a high demand for skillful clinical pharmacist in the Qassim region, a supreme royal highness order was issued to establish new pharmacy college within Qassim University based on the recommendations of the university. The college of Pharmacy was…

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Conference schedule

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Dr Abdelllatif Bouazzaoui

Coffee break

Opening ceremony & Posters session

Dr Abdulrazzag aljazaery

Dr abdulmalik alkthiry

Lunch break & Posters session

Panel discussion

Dr. Ghazwa Korayem

Students Presentation

Dr Nada alaqil

Dr Mai Alajaji

Coffee break

Dr. Abdulaziz Alhossan

Dr. Khaled Alburaikan

Dr Khalifah Althiab

Lunch break & posters session

Students presentation

Dr Sumayah Alarfaj

Panel discussion


Final round of “Three minutes research project competition” Closing ceremony

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